Sunday, November 11, 2012

Amravati – a morning of birding, November 7, 2012

The Lake/dam.
This morning, my host’s brother, who is a trekker and has trekked the Himalayans, got up bright and early, along with two of his friends, to take me to the a nearby dam to go birding.  I arrived to find a huge lake, complete with a Grey Heron and a large flock of Great Thick Knees.  Alongside the lake was some short, dry scrubby areas as well as a more forested area.  Amongst the trees, I found my first Asian Koel and, in the scrub, my first sunbird nest complete with chicks—and I watched the female fly back and forth to the nest with food for quite some time.  In the open area, near the Lake there was an Ashy-crowned Sparrow Lark doing some sort of a display – it flew into the air tweed-i-ling and then would drop down with a long whistle.  Just as we were leaving a White-browed Wagtail flew in…just in time to be added to the list.

Sunbird nest.

Scrub by the lake.

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